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Every adoption starts with a child, and each child’s story is unique. In their early years children will have experienced trauma that can have consequences throughout their lives. We understand that adoption is both rewarding and challenging, and that parenting children with complex needs can require ongoing access to support. We are here, right beside you every step of the way, acting as a responsible and supportive guide for families.


We offer a range of post adoption support, including;

  • Support groups/Adopters meet ups.
  • Summer and Christmas celebrations. 
  • Training and workshops.
  • Regular 1:1 social worker support from our highly skilled and trained team
  • Information, advice and support with accessing the right sort of services for your child or children
  • Our adopting together service offers, 1:1 consultation with clinical psychologist and ongoing access to specialist psychology led programmes to support therapeutic parenting.
  •  Closed adopter led Facebook page offering peer support
  • Annual newsletter


Families attending our support groups and summer and winter celebrations enjoy keeping in touch with our service, sometimes for many years after the adoption order has been made. We offer life long support and welcome contact from our adoptive families at any stage, whether it’s to get one-off advice or to be supported to access therapeutic interventions.


If you would like to discuss adoption support available to you and your family, please call 02920667007 or email info@stdavidscs.org.