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Adoption at St David’s  

Through our Adoption Service we find families for children with a plan for adoption. If a family chooses to adopt through St David’s we will provide all the support, training and expertise they need throughout their adoption journey.  We aim to build open and honest relationships to help families feel prepared for the rewards and challenges of adoption. Our experienced and committed social workers will work with a family to help them grow through adoption.  

Within our main adoption service, we also have a service called Adopting Together.    

  • Adopting Together  

Adopting Together is a specialist family finding and therapeutically led support service for a small number of children and families. Adopting Together works closely with Local Authorities who identify children who for various reasons may wait longer to be adopted. At times you may be invited to hear more about the children within this service or we may talk to you about them individually. If following approval, you are matched with a child through Adopting Together you will be offered a specific package of support before, during and after the child or children come to live with you.