Hope’s Families Adoption Journey

18 October 2021 | Adopter Stories

Last month, we received this letter from Hope who is 9 years old.  Hope’s Mum and Dad adopted her little sister with St. David’s a couple of years ago and this is Hope’s story.

Our Adoption Journey – By Hope aged 9.


When I was six years old my Mum and Dad talked about adopting a little girl or boy. I thought it was a great idea so did my brother too. I think you should as well.

A few months later Mum and Dad went on a course about adoption and me and my brother had to stay with my Nan and Granny for a day or two whilst they were on a course.

They found a perfect social worker for us. Her name was Cate, she was brilliant. She asked us some questions like “do you want a brother or sister?” “what do you like to do?” “how do you feel?” – those types of questions.

After six months Mum and Dad went to find out if we could adopt someone. THEY SAID YES!!!! It was so exciting, since that day we had all been getting ready. Woohoo.

Cate’s job was to find the most perfect little boy or girl.  After a few weeks she said she found a beautiful little girl.

Mum and Dad met her first. Two days later me and my brother went to visit her.  Then five days later we bought her to our house, it was so fun!

It felt very exciting but different.  I love her and I like how much me, my brother and our sister all get on so well.

We both like playing with the guinea pigs and rabbits together and we love going on the trampoline with each other. I love sharing a bedroom with her it is lovely she is the best.

By Hope aged 9

Dan Warner
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