Adoption is a very positive, life changing option for children in need.

9 November 2017 | Press Releases

Adoption is a very positive, life changing option for children in need.

St. David’s Children Society.


Keeping children safe is the foremost consideration for all adoption professionals. Adoptive parents come from all sorts of backgrounds and are trained and supported with the child’s safety and wellbeing as paramount. For the overwhelming majority of children who are adopted, it provides them with a safe and loving home for life. Adoption provides essential security and belonging not just for very young children but also for older children, brothers and sisters and children with other needs such as medical uncertainty or complexities.


In the year ending 31st March 2017, 4,350 children were adopted in England while 304 were placed for adoption in the same period in Wales. The research evidences that 97% of these placements will endure, though some will require ongoing levels of support. St. David’s continually reflects on how we develop our practice and ensure that we offer ongoing training and support to these unique families to help children be the very best that they can be – they deserve nothing less.


There remains a critical shortage of adoptive parents in Wales and children continue to wait for adoption placements. It is important that we continue to address this shortfall through our recruitment of adopters to meet this need and reduce delays for children in their adoption journey.


Gerry Cooney


St. David’s Children Society

Gerry Cooney
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