80-8 Challenge

20 June 2022 | General News


St David’s 80/8 Challenge – celebrating 80 years of St David’s families.  

Join us in celebrating #StDavidsis80 and raise money for our Adoption Support.  

This year St David’s is marking its 80th year of creating and supporting families. To celebrate this milestone, we are inviting St David’s families to take part in the 80 / 8 challenge.  

For 8 days from 08th August 2022 we are inviting you to take on an 80 challenge over 8 days. It can be anything based on the number 80. So whether you decided to walk 80 steps, bake 80 cupcakes, or dance for 80 minutes, money you raise will help us to continue to offer our unique adoption support, making sure we are here for all our families whenever they need us.  


SIGN UP –https://bit.ly/39GQwaH 


Taking part is easy!  

  1. Choose your 80 challenge! It can be anything based on the number 80. You could decide to do 80 of something over 8 days, 80 of something and finish in 1 day, or even 80 of something each day for 8 days! It’s your choice to set yourself your challenge and decide how long it will take you.   
  1. Set up your fundraising page on Just Giving  
  1. Share your fundraising challenge and page with friends and family and encourage them to donate.  
  1. Share with us online using #StDavidsis80 and tag us @adoptionwales  

 Fundraising and Challenge Idea 

There are many options and ways you can get involved in St David’s 80/8 Challenge. Whether is a solo challenge or something with friends and family, it can be anything you like as long as it’s based on the number 80! And you’ve got 8 days to complete it starting from 8th August 2022. Challenge yourself to 

  • Do 80 squats  
  • Do a 80 meter sack race  
  • Hold an 80 minute danceathon  
  • Sing 80 songs  
  • Bake 80 cakes or biscuits  
  • Do 80 keepie-uppies.  
  • Do 80 hops or skips  
  • Do 80 laps of the garden 

Find more ideas by clicking here  

Whatever you do, and however you do it, make sure you have fun and stay safe. And don’t forget to raise money for St David’s adoption support.  

SIGN UP – https://bit.ly/39GQwaH 

How your fundraising helps St David’s families  

Your amazing donations and fundraising help us directly support over 45 families who may come back to us each year and ask for help. It also helps us to support the over 200 families who we invite to our support groups and family fun days, as well as training and workshops. Money raised from this campaign will go towards our support groups and family fun days.  


Pays for refreshments for a family attending a family fun day.   


Buys materials and resources used in Theraplay support.  


Funds a single counselling session for a parent.  


pays for 1.5-hour consultation with a clinical psychologist  


Can provide a package of support for a family in crisis.  



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