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1 March 2011 | Press Releases

Today’s Times and Independent newspapers (29th September 2011), highlight the dramatic decline in children in care achieving adoption placements. For these children, time is crucial in finding an adoptive family.

There are many concerning messages about adoption: that it is bureaucratic, too many people are rejected, it is burdened by political correctness or has high placement breakdown rates. This is not the case for all adoption agencies

Established in 1942, St. David’s is the longest serving adoption agency in Wales placing over 2,000 Welsh children for adoption.

In our last 100 adoption placements we had a breakdown rate of 3%. This is the lowest breakdown rate of any adoption agency in the UK and compares favourably with the average local authority disruption rate of between 15% – 20%. In effect 97% of our adoption placements are successful.
This year we anticipate achieving 35 adoption placements which will result in 1 in every 7 children placed for adoption in Wales being placed via St. David’s. (Figures calculated on an average of the 2010 & 2011 adoption statistics for Wales).
Our very recent CSSIW inspection report reflected an outstanding service. There were no ‘action points’ or ‘recommendations’ identified in the report.
Wales has a strong tradition of placing the child at the heart of family life. There is an acute shortage of available adoptive families to adopt the many children in care in Wales waiting for such placements. We urgently request that families across Wales consider adopting one of these children who are waiting for a forever home.

Gerry Cooney
Chief Executive
St David’s Children Society

Gerry Cooney
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