Press Release: 13th Feb. 2007. Business as usual

13 February 2007 | Press Releases

“Catholic adoption agencies are still very much in business. As widely documented over the past weeks, our services are in demand and greatly valued.” This was the collective response of the Catholic adoption agencies of England and Wales to the news that the Government would not provide their adoption services with an exemption from the Sexual Orientation Regulations.

A central message within the debate was that even our greatest critics were prepared to acknowledge that the services provided by Catholic adoption agencies were of the highest quality producing great benefits for society’s most vulnerable children.

The Prime Minister’s expressed his desire not to lose “the valuable expertise of faith based adoption agencies.” He outlined a 21-month period of independent assessment. During this time St. David’s Children Society will continue to provide its full range of adoption services and be evaluating the best way forward to ensure that the well being and interests of children remain at the heart of all future development plans for the agency.

In recent letter regarding the controversy, Archbishop Peter Smith wrote, “We want to make it absolutely clear that our agencies remain open for business and are continuing their work with local authorities. Therefore, please continue to support the work of our diocesan agencies.”

In these past 65 years St. David’s Children Society, has placed nearly 2,000 children for adoption in Wales. This is a significant contribution to Welsh children and Welsh family life achieved with the full support of our bishops, clergy and our Catholic community in Wales. We continue to welcome applications from people of all faiths including those of no faith.

Last year 14% of all children in care adopted in Wales, were adopted through St. David’s Children Society. (The Society is one of 24 adoption agencies in Wales).

If you are considering adopting a child, if you know of a friend or relative who is considering adopting, please contact us at St. David’s Children Society. Tel. No: 029 20 667007, or contact us on the e.mail link below.

“Our Catholic adoption agencies has brought into public awareness the outstanding contribution they make to the common good,” Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O’Connor


Gerry Cooney

Gerry Cooney
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