Preserving the Legacy of BAAF Cymru

9 September 2015 | Press Releases

Preserving the Legacy of BAAF Cymru

Following the closure of BAAF Cymru on 4th September 2015, St. David’s will amalgamate core elements of the BAAF legacy into the organisation. Commenting on the amalgamation Gerry Cooney, chief executive of St. David’s said:

“It is our absolute priority to continue services that will support the future of adoption services in Wales as well as other permanency arrangements. The integration of core elements of the BAAF legacy will ensure the continuation of vital services including an information helpline, training and consultancy. These services will offer independent information,
support and expertise for professionals and members of the public that will assist and improve the lives of children and young people separated from their birth families.”

“The continuation of services has only been possible due to the superb support from the Welsh Government. We will now work together to harness the highly skilled expertise of both organisations to achieve our vision of placing children in their forever homes, and in offering support where needed to all those affected by adoption and other care arrangements.”

Wales is the only part of the UK where the BAAF legacy services remains completely intact; remarkably with no loss of employment to any BAAF staff. The National Adoption Service has assumed responsibility for the Welsh Adoption Register.

Training, consultancy, and an advice line for members of the public and professionals will be run by a new entity to be established by the St David’s Children Society, to be known as the ‘Association for Fostering and Adoption Cymru @ St David’s.’ This new service will offer a knowledge hub offering learning resources that will promote and reflect best practice. In addition, practice forums, groups for professionals working with children including health and legal advisors, and information exchanges will be available for professionals and people living with children. Staff have been recruited from the remaining former BAAF Cymru staff members who will support the development of Welsh specific resources and publications to support good practice in Wales.

Gerry Cooney
Chief Executive
St David’s Children Society

Gerry Cooney
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