Adoption is an option!

5 November 2006 | Press Releases


Adoption is an option!

The week of 6th to the 10th of November 2006 is ‘National Adoption Week.’ Significant media coverage will be given over to this event. In essence national adoption week has a dual focus:

to celebrate the fact that adoption makes such a positive difference to the lives of children
and to highlight the great need for new adoptive families to enter the adoption process.
Last year approximately 4,000 children in care were placed for adoption in England and Wales. BAAF estimates that 40% of these children will not be placed primarily due to a lack of available adopters.

For children living in care who cannot return to their families, time is crucial in finding them an adoptive family.

A recent government paper “Handle with Care” by the Centre for Policy Studies (Sept 2006) indicated that the outcomes for children who remain in care for long periods are far from satisfactory.

50% of the prison population under 25 years of age are ex-care leavers
Approximately a third of all homeless adults are ex-care leavers.
Up to 1 in 4 young females leaving care is pregnant or has a child.
Only 1 in every 100 young people leaving care goes on to university.
80% of the ‘Big Issue’ sellers are ex-care leavers.
It is sad to think that children who through no fault of their own that have lost their childhood, have also been deprived of the opportunity to become an adult who can make a significant contribution to society. All of these children have yet to experience the most basic right to family life, a right embedded in the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of the Child.

The ‘Adoption & Children’s Act’ has enabled many more people to adopt. This includes married and unmarried couples, single people, and people over 40 years of age.

Established in l947, St. David’s Children Society is the longest serving Adoption Agency in Wales. St David’s is seeking adoptive families for single children of all ages, for brothers and sisters who need to be placed together, for children from minority communities, or for children who have medical conditions. St. David’s invites those who may be considering adoption to join us in exploring placement possibilities for the 4000 children in England and Wales who are currently waiting to be part of a loving family.

If you want to learn more, we would be pleased to hear from you. For further information please contact Joan Price on 029 2066 7007, e-mail or write to us at St David’s Children Society, Durham Street, Grangetown, Cardiff CF11 6PB, website:

Gerry Cooney
St. David’s Children Society

Gerry Cooney
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